Our Story

In June 2016, Dr. Ram Ramcharran had a vision. He wanted to create a craft vodka that tasted great and used the best natural ingredient on earth — cannabis.

He knew there had to be a way to combine high-quality cannabis ingredients with his Touch ONE Vodka to create a clean, crisp spirit with a cannabis kick. To bring his vision to life, he turned to his close friend, biochemist, and experienced spirit designer, Dr. Abdul Ally.

The doctors spent years creating, nurturing, and extracting the best flavors and ingredients — focusing only on quality and ignoring the restraints of time and cost. Eventually, the commitment paid off. Dr. Ram’s vision came to life.

Nirvana Vodka, a cannabis-blended vodka that tastes unlike any other spirit on the market, was born. Now, you can taste the doctors’ extraordinary vision. Find your bliss in a bottle of Nirvana.

Our Products

From organic Sativa Cannabis to non-GMO and grains, our scientist and master distillers monitor every detail of our spirit production. There are no shortcuts and no compromises. We start with quality hemp and corn, distilled 10X to ensure its extraordinary character and quality. We then add our secret ingredients, RO and the finest water. The final result is an exceptionally rich and great tasting spirit.

Our Lifestyle

A lifestyle typically reflects an individual’s attitudes, way of life, values, or world view.  At Nirvana , we are forging a lifestyle with a sense of self — creating cultural symbols that resonate with personal identity. We live a lifestyle of fun, peace, success, values, and happiness for others, and we surround ourselves in social lifestyle of choices available to the individual that symbolize the self heading to NIRVANA!

Our Location

Nirvana products are made at our parent company, Fat Dog Spirits Distillery, located in Tampa, Florida. Situated in the heart of Ybor City, once known as the bootleg capital of the south, this place preserves historic significance inside and out. The city has a tremendous amount character going back over 120 years to when it was known as the cigar capital of the world. Where Nirvana is produced has a series of specially designed spaces to bring the production of Nirvana to life.

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